Professional Caulks and Sealants

    Siroflex, Inc. produces a line of professional caulks and sealants for most residential building  and industrial applications.  For more information on our products, click on the product links below. 


DUO-SIL is a urethane acrylic suitable for interior/exterior applications sealing around windows, doors, and skylights.  DUO-SIL is available in 140 colors to match most manufacturers brands of siding, flashing, windows, and cement board siding. 


HYBRI-SIL is a high performance, all-weather hybrid sealant that is recommended for outdoor applications in extreme conditions.   HYBRI-SIL has superior adhesion to acrylic and silicone sealant systems making it an excellent choice for the most demanding applications.  Painters love HYBRI-SIL as it will not shrink or crack as interior trim tends to warp slightly and expand and contract seasonally. 


SIR-O-SIL 25 is an acetoxy cure 100% RTV silicone for exterior and kitchen and bath applications.  SIR-O-SIL 25 remains permanently flexible and resists extreme weather conditions.


SIR-O-SIL 50 is a neutral cure silicone sealant with all of the advantages of SIR-O-SlL 25 but with lower odor and better adhesion to porous building materials. 



ACRY-SIL is a general purpose siliconized acrylic for interior applications around windows, doors, and trim. 


Gutter Seal produces an excellent long term seal for aluminum gutters and downspouts, even in standing water.